//Canadian Technology M&A Report 2018 Q1

Canadian Technology M&A Report 2018 Q1

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Here at Q1 we gather Canadian Technology M&A data and publish the results of our research on a quarterly basis. All information included in the reports are sourced from primary research and data analysis. This report focuses on Canadian M&A statistics, trends, geography breakdown and more.

Canadian Technology M&A Highlights

  • Stable activity: Q1 2018’s deal volume of 77 stands constantly from Q4 2017. However, it is higher than the activity of Q1 2017 (65)
  • Deal size skews activity: Q1 2018’s total dollar value of $566M is significantly lower than both Q4 and Q1 of 2018, giving the impression that 2018 is somehow off to a bad start. However, both Q1 and Q4 of 2017 have been dominated by one or two mega transactions that skew the trend. The acquisition of D+H for $3.4Bn and Vantage Data Centre for 1.4Bn both took place in Q1 2017. In Q4 2017, the acquisition of Crypto 205 Inc. for $543M and Trayport for $459M took place.
  • Total Dollar Value understated: About 70% of transactions that take place in the Canadian Technology M&A space have no dollar value attached to them, meaning the total dollar value of this sector is grossly understated!
  • Geography breakdown of acquisitions consistent: Since 2010, the geographic breakdown between foreign acquisitions, pure domestic acquisitions, and domestic acquiring foreign have been consistent. While we have experienced first-hand growing foreign interests in Canadian targets, Canadian companies continue to seek foreign acquisitions as well.
Check back periodically for the newest report. All reports in this series can be viewed and downloaded for free!
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