//Canadian Technology M&A Report July – August 2018

Canadian Technology M&A Report July – August 2018

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Here at Q1 we gather Canadian Technology M&A data and publish the results of our research on a quarterly basis. All information included in the reports are sourced from primary research and data analysis. This report focuses on Canadian M&A statistics, trends, geography breakdown and more.
Canadian Tech M&A Report July August 2018

Special Edition Canadian Technology M&A Highlights.

September marks the end of a fantastic summer season and the beginning of the usual busy fall season. With summer behind and fall imminently upon us, we decided to reflect on the Canadian Tech M&A scene for the second half of the 2018 summer.

  • Healthy activity: As we can see from the M&A data, the first eight months of 2018 already witnessed 223 technology M&As, far ahead of previous years for their entire nine months.
  • Smaller deal size: Total transaction value for July and August is $746M, there was no megadeal between these two months, and the median transaction size was only $12M. Here’s hoping September will bolster overall Q3 performance.

Somethings never change:

  • Undisclosed transactions: Undisclosed transactions amount to 75% of all Canadian Technology transactions. This phenomenon isn’t surprising- the number of undisclosed tech transactions has historically been about 70%.
  • Geography of acquirers: The geographic distribution of acquisitions are also mostly consistent. Purely domestic deals amount to 30% of total transactions. Interestingly, we’ve observed a rise in transactions where domestic entities are acquiring foreign entities, representing 39% of the eight months of 2018.

That’s it for the second half of summer! The above has been a brief analysis of Canadian Tech M&A activities, and we look forward to the September month-end for a full Q3 breakdown.

Check back periodically for the newest report. All reports in this series can be viewed and downloaded for free!
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