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The Canadian market presents unique challenges when it comes to providing M&A advisory services. Compared to the US market, the number of technology companies in any given sector is relatively small and obviously, the number of companies that intend to complete a sale transaction is even smaller. Pick any Canadian technology sector and list all of the companies and you will understand what we mean. Our firm has been built on our ability to stay abreast of technologies, developments and trends across multiple sectors and our ability to dive deep into a sector quickly and effectively to gather extensive domain knowledge. It is these skills and abilities, developed and honed over 25 years of capital markets experience that all our firm to successfully execute on mandates across multiple sectors.
Q1 Capital works with technology companies that are growing, profitable, and generating at least $5 million in annual revenues. We occasionally work with companies in the technology sector that do not meet these criteria if they have developed compelling, innovative products or services that are highly sought after by strategic acquirers.

Industries that we have worked in and focus on include:

  • Enterprise software
  • Mobile and communication technologies

  • Internet and E-commerce

  • Digital media and marketing

  • Social media

  • IT services

We are also increasingly being asked to take on sale mandates for companies that would be classified as “non-tech”. In general, our clients in these sectors have revenues in excess of $15 million, are profitable and do not have excessive reliance on one or two customers. Industries where we have provided M&A advisory services and can provide exceptional value include:

  • Manufacturing

  • Distribution

  • Food and beverages

  • Marketing

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