///Waterloo’s Aimetis Acquired By Senstar

Waterloo’s Aimetis Acquired By Senstar

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Aimetis, a Waterloo-based company that developed a suite of software products to manage security surveillance, is being acquired by Senstar for a reported US$14 million.  Aimetis was founded in 2001 and received $5 million in growth capital from Covington Capital in 2010.  Its software is used in sectors such as retail, government, transportation, and healthcare and enables users to analyze their surveillance video footage and supports camera networks and other security infrastructure.

Senstar is the Canadian division of Magal Security Systems, a provider of security, safety, and site management platforms for airports, seaports, borders, prisons, and other institutions in over 75 countries.  It is based in Yehud, Israel and is publicly traded on the NASDAQ and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

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