In select cases, we will take on corporate financing mandates to acquire growth capital for our clients. We use the term “select” because we will only work on financing mandates for companies that have:

  • A proven business model with paying customers;
  • Minimal technology risk;
  • Identified a large opportunity or appear to have solved significant pain in a large and growing global market;
  • Proprietary technology;
  • A strong and proven management team with established domain experience;
  • Completed at least one round of financing with “sophisticated” investors; and
  • Are capable of attracting capital from institutional sources in both Canada and the United States.

Q1 Capital maintains an extensive network of venture capital investors as well as sources of debt, venture debt, and mezzanine financing in order to provide private Canadian companies access to the most appropriate and cost-effective capital available.

The Q1 Capital team brings their broad industry knowledge, deep financial expertise, and years of transactional experience to assist in structuring a plan and developing the key documentation needed to successfully raise growth capital.

In cases where an Exempt Market Dealer license is required, we work with a licensed firm with which we have a 15 year association in order to comply with Ontario Security Commission regulations.