While Q1 Capital has never received any formal complaints, we believe it is important to be totally transparent in our business dealings and to provide a mechanism to our valued clients should they feel the need to contact us regarding such matters.  Please refer to the procedures below in the event that you need to contact our firm regarding a complaint.



Q1 Capital Partners Partners (Q1) is registered as an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) under The Canadian Securities Administrators’ National Instrument 31-103 – Registration Requirements and Exemptions (NI 31-103).

NI 31-103 requires registered Financial Services Providers (FSPs) to provide dispute resolution services as follows:

Section 13.16

Dispute resolution service

  • A registered firm must ensure that independent dispute resolution or mediation services are made available, at the firm’s expense, to a client to resolve a complaint made by the client about any trading or advising activity of the firm or one of its representatives.
  • If a person or company makes a complaint to a registered firm about any trading or advising activity of the firm or one of its representatives, the registered firm must as soon as possible inform the person or company of how to contact and use the dispute resolution or mediation services which are provided to the firm’s clients.


The fair and timely handling of client complaints is vital to the overall integrity of the investment industry. Q1 Capital Partners regards the handling of all client complaints as an essential element of the proper servicing of clients and believes an effective framework for dealing with client complaints is in keeping with appropriate standards of professionalism for the industry.


A “complaint” can be against Q1Capital Partners as a firm or against any employee of Q1.

A complaint is any:

  • recorded expression of dissatisfaction alleging misconduct (voice mail, email, fax, letter, scribbled note, etc.); or
  • verbal expression of dissatisfaction alleging misconduct

A mistake or oversight is not misconduct.

The following are defined as misconduct:

  • allegations of breach of confidentiality
  • theft, fraud
  • forgery
  • misrepresentation
  • inappropriate financial dealings with clients
  • engaging in securities related activities outside of Q1, which has led to or could possibly lead to a conflict of interest.


Direct your Complaint to Compliance

All written complaints of alleged misconduct relating to the dealings with Q1 must be directed by the client or a person authorized on behalf of the client to the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) at Q1. If you are unsure if the complaint is about alleged ‘misconduct’, contact the CCO.

All complaints will be handled by the CCO who will conduct a fair and thorough investigation of the complaint.

Q1 will send an acknowledgement letter within 5 days of receipt of the complaint, which includes the following:

  • the name, job title, and full contact information of the CCO
  • that the client should contact the CCO with any inquiries regarding the complaint
  • a request for any information reasonably required to investigate the complaint.

Response Letter

Upon completion of Q1’s investigation into the alleged misconduct, Q1 will provide a response letter within 90 days of the receipt of the complaint setting out its findings and proposed resolution.

Should such proposed resolution not be acceptable, the procedures under Section 13.16 of NI 31-103 will be invoked and an independent dispute resolution or mediation services will be made available, at the firm’s expense, to a client in order to resolve such a complaint.


Direct your Complaint to Compliance

Complaints alleging misconduct should be directed to the Chief Compliance Officer at Q1.

Mike Middleton

Chief Compliance Officer

Q1 Capital Partners

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Toronto, ON
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Phone: (416) 850-7474, x201
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