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How SNAP’s IPO valuation stacks up

By | 2017-07-07T11:27:45+00:00 March 2nd, 2017|Q1 Blog|

With SNAP being watched so closely as an indicator of an OPEN IPO market I would think that all technology investors are keeping their fingers crossed. SNAP’s performance post-IPO (Company & stock price) makes this Company more important than its


By | 2018-02-27T12:20:21+00:00 March 1st, 2017|Q1 Blog|

Wednesday, March 1, 2017: The market is excited about the IPO of a company that is not profitable. Jim Cramer is already pimping the stock as a "phenomenal trade". I've been at this game for more than 25 years, and I know a rerun when I see one. This looks to be a tired remake of the old poker game played in the 1990s. And even though we all know how this game ends (Market Watch), we can't stop ourselves from watching or asking the dealer to cut us in. Enjoy!

The Fintech Wave hits Canada

By | 2017-07-14T16:00:04+00:00 August 17th, 2016|Q1 Blog|

John Stackhouse, Senior Vice-President, Office of the CEO at RBC  penned a brief article on Fintech.  Three interesting data points of interest:
Fintech adoption rates in Canada are comparatively low –  only 8% of digitally active Canadians had used at least

Canada’s Technology Investment Gap

By | 2017-07-14T16:01:45+00:00 August 17th, 2016|Q1 Blog|

Yaletown Partners released a short research study and while the paper has a couple of interesting observations, it’s obviously a document to help support their current Yaletown Emerging Growth Fund initiative to raise $135 million. Yaletown’s conclusion was that the

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