///Airbnb acquires Montreal-based Luxury Retreats

Airbnb acquires Montreal-based Luxury Retreats

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On February 16, 2017, Airbnb announced the acquisition of Montreal-based Luxury Retreats for an amount according to various sources of between US$200 million and C$300 million. Congratulations to the team at Luxury and to Chris Arsenault at iNovia Capital!  

Founded in 1999, Luxury Retreats is an online luxury vacation home rentals platform with over 4,000 properties in its portfolio. Airbnb, the well known online platform for rental accommodations is well positioned to expand its tourism services with the acquisition of Luxury Retreats and the launch of Trips.  Luxury Retreats raised two rounds of VC capital totalling $16 million and was reportedly profitable for a number of years.

Source: TechVibes

Transaction Details:

Date of Announcement2/16/2017
HeadlineAirbnb acquires Luxury Retreats
SectorRental, Travel, Leisure
Company AcquiredLuxury Retreats
Company LocationLuxury Retreats
Transaction Amount (reported)$300M
Amount Invested$16M1 Round1 Investor
Key InvestorsiNovia Capital
Acquirer LocationSan Francisco, California
Amount InvestedUS$2.95B9 Rounds39 Investors
CommentAirbnb acquires Luxury Retreats as it expands tourism services.
Press ReleaseTech Vibes
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